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Changing prepaid plans will that also give me access to my databank

Hi. I am on prepaid, last year I bought the $300 prepaid (Max?) service that got me 200 gb,$100 credit for 365 days. Its about to expire this coming June. I've read that I need to do a recharge to access the databank. I have 100+gb data left and about $80 credit left. Can I buy the longlife plus recharge of $30 that expires after 186 days. WIll I have access to my databank for 186 days then?


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Re: Changing prepaid plans will that also give me access to my databank

Hi Markus25,


If you change your Pre-Paid plan to the Pre-Paid Long Life Plus plan you will lose all your  Data Bank Data.


The Long Life Plus plan doesn't have the Data Bank feature...you would be charged at the Pay As You Go rate of 7 cents per mb, which comes out of the $30 Recharge Credit.


To access your Data Bank you have to have an Active Recharge...which means that your last recharge hasn't expired.

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