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Daylight savings killed my credit roll-over

My prepaid plan was due to expire at midnight on October 2. I was 4WDing with friends and was out of coverage areas for most of the night. A few minutes after 11pm, when I finally got back into a service area, I called the wife to let her know I was home, but the call didn't connect for a mystery reason. I had wifi, so I sent her an IM to call me back, which she did. Immediately after we'd spoken on the phone, I went to the 24x7 app, paid for a recharge and went to bed around 11.30.


The next morning, I discovered that my remaining credit and data hadn't rolled over. I contacted 24x7 chat the next morning to find out why, and they told me that I'd recharged after midnight and that my credit and data had expired before I'd recharged. That also explained why my call had not gone through.


I went back through my call and message logs to check, and confirmed that the phone call I'd received from my wife was at 11.10pm. Telstra claims that I recharged at 12.13am, which is out by an hour and clearly related to daylight savings time - but the Telstra chat rep didn't accept this.


Pretty disappointed with this outcome - any advice? Essentially, I've been robbed of $40 credit and 1.5GB data - not a lot in real terms, but enough to make me really annoyed and look around at other prepaid options. Any advice?

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Re: Daylight savings killed my credit roll-over

Daylight savings started at 2am on the 1st October 2017, not on the 2nd. Are you in Queensland by any chance (that will throw the timings out of whack)?


Either that, or the time hadn't readjusted on your phone straight away after regaining signal.

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Re: Daylight savings killed my credit roll-over

Yes, I'm in Queensland.

I spent a long time on 24x7 chat this morning, and the issue has been resolved. Here's what happened:

Telstra's prepaid system transitioned to daylight savings time early that morning. As a result, the cut-off for my recharge was actually 10.59pm that evening. My recharge was actually 14 minutes too late. The rep agreed to reinstate my rollover credit and data since I'd been screwed over by the transition.

However, the issue remains valid. Telstra's website makes no mention of which timezone is used to determine the cut-off time for roll-overs during recharge. If I'd been in Perth, I would have been a couple hours too late and apparently, I'd just be expected to know this.

Telstra really do need to fix their system - the current one is flawed.

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