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Deceived into changing prepaid plans

 I am extremely upset at the quality of customer service I have received this week. I switched prepaid plans a few months ago after extensive research and even spoke on the phone with someone from Telstra before switching to make sure I understood what would change about my service. I specifically asked about in game and app purchases. This week I have been informed I can no longer use my extra credit to make app or in fame purchases. I was able to make a purchase in game 2 weeks ago on my current plan but am now unable. I would NOT have changed my plan had this been made known to be at the time I called and spoke with a consultant. I have been coerced, lied to, and falsely advertised. I want to go back on my old plan as I believe Telstra is completely in the wrong. I will go to the communications ombudsman if you fail to contact me. I tried calling to speak about it yesterday and the consultant told me too bad there is no way, that plan no longer exists. I know this is BULL**bleep**. I worked for you for 6 years and my friend is still on the plan I had. Change it back or refund me all the money I have spent on the new plan as I feel I have been stolen from.

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Re: Coerced into changing prepaid plans

Which plan have are you currently on?


As far as going on to your old plan, if it has been grandfathered then you can't go back on it. Only people who are currently on it can stay on it and once to stop being on it, the system won't allow you to go back.


And as far as being coerced onto a new plan, you said that you did extensive research into the plans before you changed. You might want to do some extensive research (or at least a quick check of the dictionary) to see what coerced means. Hint: making you to do something using threats or force.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Coerced into changing prepaid plans

Thanks for your unhelpful comment on my use of English. It was the best word I could come up with for being convinced to switch plans and lied to completely in oder to have my compliance.
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Re: Coerced into changing prepaid plans

I'm on the prepaid plus plan.. have always been on this. A few months ago I got a new phone and had to get a new sim card so I went into a Telstra store to get it. At the time the girl in the store tried to convince me to switch, I'd get a better deal. Wanted to make sure of this so I looked it up and then called Telstra to ensure I had Every detail correct. I made sure to ask that the $5 credit for premium services included in game and app purchases. I can no longer make these purchases despite it working only 2 weeks ago on my CURRENT plan. I'm switching to iinet on Monday should this not be fixed today.
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Re: Coerced into changing prepaid plans

If you want some kind of resolution today, then it would be best for you to get in touch with the actual pre paid team to get this done or speak to Online Chat.


Yes there are Telstra people on here but they mainily look after Crowd Support and but most of them here are just moderators and not specialsed to deal in what you are wanting fixed.


Also when you do speak to the correct department - I would get them to check your settings to see Premium services barring is active and get them to unbar it.


Some times when you make changes like plans etc it may default to this.


Good luck.

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