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Does Telstra offer any Customer Support these days?

How do you get to talk to a person and not a computer these days? I have a prepaid number that keeps saying no data and no data bank credit either and now being upgraded to new plan but how do I solve my data problem? Secondly prepaid customers are not worth anything to Telstra it seems and the store just palms you off. Been on the phone for 40 minutes and the computer keeps thanking me for calling and hanging up providing a web link. After getting hold of some Indian friend I finally get routed to the Billing Section and what this man tells me is worth a hearing. It seems that although your iPhone may be on home Wi-Fi it still continues to use Mobile data - Sorry guys after using the iPhone for more that 10 years this is is a first even for me. The solution is to turn off Mobile data when using home Wi-Fi  - very convenient not! That may explain the loss of a quick 10GB over a few days regularly?

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Re: Does Telstra offer any Customer Support these days?

Yes, a mobile phone can still be using mobile data when connected to wifi. It has been that way for at least 5 years on various models of phones and is built into the firmware.


You can check the mobile data usage through the settings on your phone (even down to how much data each app is using). If you can't see any excess usage by the apps then there is another reason for the data loss.

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