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Issues with Replacement Sim Activation

Hi there,


At the moment, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.  My mother has had the same phone for years and it has finally become too unreliable to function.  It carries an old sim card, however, that no longer fits most phones on the market.


We ordered a replacement sim and it has arrived.  We also purchased a prepaid phone from Australia Post yesterday.  I have the phone set up, and the sim card inserted, but it still says Emergency Phone Calls Only.

So my query is simply:

1. Does this method even work or is this new phone tied to the sim card it came with?  Mum would prefer to keep her phone number, which is why I've tried it this way.

2. Is there some kind of really long activation time and this is just a matter of waiting?  The letter that came with the replacement sim card gives barely any instructions and when I try to look up further information using the Order Number, it tells me there's no information about it.
3.  I have tried to activate the replacement sim, it tells me it's either activated already or there's some other issue.  The service is still active on her old, unreliable phone. Is there something else we're meant to have done?  Again, the letter with the sim card gives no instructions.


Thanks in advance for any info.

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Re: Issues with Replacement Sim Activation

If you ordered a replacement SIM via the My Telstra app or online at Telstra My Account, the SIM theoretically should have come with the old number and old account programmed on the SIM. But this doesn't always happen as I found out when I ordered a replacement SIM. I ended up going to a Telstra store were they programed the old number and account on a blank SIM. Suggest you visit a Telstra store.

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