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Keep Mobile number whilst overseas

So a friend of mine is currently in the UK until december and would like to keep her Aus number on a pre-paid account. She left Aus in decmber which is when she last recharged and will be back this december. Will her number still be active then? Or will it have already been given away?

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Re: Keep Mobile number whilst overseas

Hi beth_kay,


A Telstra Pre-Paid SIM automatically gets deactivated 6 month's after the expiry date of the last recharge.


If you're friend put her last recharge on in December, then depending on which Pre-Paid plan she's on, the expiry date of that recharge could have been January sometime.

If it was January she would have to recharge by a certain date of this month- July (which means within 6 month's from the January expiry date).


If she can still see the Pre-Paid mobile service number when she logs into her Telstra My Account then the SIM hasn't been deactivated.



She could also look in her Telstra App to see if the Pre-Paid mobile service is still there.


If it isn't in any of the above that means the SIM has been deactivated and she'll probably have trouble getting the number back.


If the SIM hasn't been deactivated then she needs to put another recharge on now to keep her SIM from being deactivated.


Once that recharge expires she has to put another recharge on within 6 month's or the SIM will get deactivated...but if she's back in Australia in December and puts a recharge on to use her mobile service, that will be within the 6 month's timeframe. 

I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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