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Number does not exist


 I’m a regular Telstra user. I was stuck in India from February 2020 and therefore was not able to recharge my number. I got back on 10th of this month. My number is 04xx xxx xxx. Now when I’m trying to recharge my number, I’m getting error message that number does not exist. I was also using another number 04xx xxx xxx but facing the same problem with this as well. I tried to contact Telstra via phone and chat but each time it’s the automated machine messages and I need to talk to somebody about this. Could you please help me in getting these numbers back as they are pretty old numbers and i don’t want to lose them. At the moment, I’m in quarantine and don’t have any contact number. Please help.

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Re: Number does not exist

Hi Neeraj,


You should have been able to recharge your Pre-Paid service by logging into your Telstra My Account while you were India.


A Pre-Paid SIM automatically gets deactivated 6 months after the expiry date of the last're phone number then goes into quarantine for a while then usually gets given to another customer. 


You'll need to send a message via the My Telstra App on your mobile phone, (blue icon in the Get Help section, bottom right of the screen), or borrow someone else's mobile if you're sharing a room with someone. You can mark it as Urgent by pressing on the 3 dots top right of the message screen. 

If Codi the bot replies with an irrelevant response type "I want to speak to a consultant". You'll be placed in a queue for a Telstra Employee to reply to your message. It could take hours for the initial reply, you'll receive a notification on your mobile phone when they reply to your message. 



I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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