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Pre paid mobile phone data charge

Have a prepaid mobile phone (Samsung) . Having problems with data usage when I receive a mms with photo attached. When I turn mobile data on to download photo my data usage goes through the roof. I don’t use phone for internet it is purely talk/text phone. Last instance on 7 May 2020 cost $26.77 simply by turning on then off.  This should not happen on this phone as it happened once before. Telstra compensating me then with free nbn for a month on my nbn/ home phone plan. I use an iPad for internet at home for nbn plan. Anyone any ideas why this is happening.

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Re: Pre paid mobile phone data charge

Hi mo18,


The Google Play Store or the Samsung App Store could be downloading updates in the background.


You need to check (while connected to your home nbn via Wi-Fi) how you're mobile phone is set to do these updates.


Have a read of the below link. In my reply I wrote how to see how your mobile phone is set to update Apps.



What Jupiter wrote could also help you.

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