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Pre paid SIM won’t complete activation

I activated a new pre paid SIM on the 25/1/21. I received a text with a new number for the SIM. I also received an email explaining the activation was underway. 24hrs later when checking the order status from the email it still says it is in progress and not complete. I can’t find any further instructions to know if there is something I need to do to complete the activation. The SIM and new number don’t work. Any help would be great!

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Pre paid SIM won’t complete activation

You could try turning the handset off for a while, maybe an hour to ensure it deregisters from the network..  then it turn it back on and see what happens..  I did this recently with a new pre-paid device that wasn't  activated 48 hours after attempting activation..   after the power off it booted up fine and activated, been fine ever since..


The suggested fix might have been pure coincidence and the activation took that long to kick in..  Telstra seems quite slow at doing most things lately

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