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Prepaid Mobile Messagebank

Had this issue last Jul 2013 when I returned from Vietnam. And again when I just returned from Bali in Jan 2014. Both my husband & my phones are iphone4 and we both have the same issue.


Basically, when we dial our own mobile # from our mobiles - when we hear our own greeting, we press #, we have not entered any pin yet, the automated messages says "sorry that pin is incorrect, enter your pin then press #" - .


So we enter the 6digit pin and #, we get message "Sorry that pin is incorrect - Goodbye".


If I try to my voicemails from a landline (dial the mobile # wait for greeting to start, press #) - same outcome as above. When we try to call 101 from our mobile, we get the message: "messagebank for (mobile number) is currently not in service".


I don't know how else to retrieve my voicemails. Been talking to Telstra since 9 Jan and have tried the following:-


(1) Delete all recent call list - Reset Network Settings

(2) Telstra reset messagebank

(3) Telstra delete messagebank and we have to set it up again by entering new pin, new greeting etc (this step always cost around $3.61 of my $$$ (real dollars) credit as it does not deduct from bonus call credit!!!)


Tried all the above multiple times, each time it works once then revert back to same issue again.


I was escalated to "level 3 tech support" - same things they ask me to do, all with the same results.


I was told by one CSO that because we travel overseas there are conflictingcountry codesI am sure I am not the only person who travel and I google the problem but can't find any. Told by another messagebank service is down today - REALLY?!? Then another suggested I disable messagebank service completely - not sure what this would achieve as why I should miss any calls or messages. Another suggested I take the battery out and put it back in - this same person confirmed that I have an iphone 4 at the beginning of my call!!! Then she suggested maybe I need to buy a new sim card!!! She eventually hung up on me and I had to go through the whole thing again. Finally someone said they will escalate me to "level 3 tech", which I thought was already done on 9 Jan - obviously NOT! But a Tech from (supposedly level 3) called and told me to go through the same steps (1) to (3) above. Worked on first test, then failed again.


Does anyone out therehave the same issues and know what the fix is. I was given a reference number but these Telstra CSO who call back don't think they even read the call logs as I always have to explain my problem and tell them what was already tried but yet they waste my time to get me to do it all over again! I was on the phone to Telstra from 8am to 2:30pm without success!



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Prepaid Mobile Messagebank

Hi skyecougar,


That is a very odd issue indeed. You have certainly been through a lot to get this working again and it's certainly not good to hear that it isn't resolved. I'm going to send you a private message with a form to complete so we can obtain some of your details and have this followed up for you.


-Matt W



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Re: Prepaid Mobile Messagebank

hi - i have the same problems - did you ever have it resolved?? thanks 

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