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Re-connected disconnected pre-paid number?

Hi Folks,

We've just returned from overseas, and like others have found that our pre-paid phones have now been disconnected.  What I see from others (eg https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/pre-paid-mobiles/pre-paid-sim-disconnected/m-p/432900) is that I need to head into a shop to sort this out.  Given I'm in quarantine for two weeks it would be great if I can sort this out over the phone (even if that means waiting for a pre-paid kit to arrive).


Does anyone have any suggestions?  This is my wife's number, she's had it since 1997 (with the exception of 21 months overseas just now).  It was disconnected on July 7, we get out of quarantine on 30/9 but I'd like to resolve this before then.







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Re: Re-connected disconnected pre-paid number?

You can request to regain the number (Prepaid services are automatically cancelled 6 months after the last recharge expires) and a new SIM for it as the existing SIM has been permanently disabled.


To do this, send a message using the My Telstra app on your mobile (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen) and if Codi redirects you, type "Speak to a consultant" and you should be transferred to the queue to chat with a human.


If the consultant gets confused, ask to sign up to a new Prepaid Plan with <insert number here> as the phone number (as your service no longer exists anyway). If the number hasn't been reallocated to someone else already, then you should be able to get it back.

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Re: Re-connected disconnected pre-paid number?

Thanks - that's really helpful.  I'll try that this afternoon.

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