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Reactivate an expired mobile number



My mother's pre-paid mobile number has been disconnected nearly 4 months ago, and I tried to help her reactivate her number on Live Chat, but I was advised that the number can only be reactivated within 29 days after the disconnection date, because when the number gets disconnected (after 30 days) it will be forwarded to quarantine to be assign to another customer or another provider.


However, a friend of ours went to a Telstra shop, and was advised that an expired number can be reconnected within a year.  Is this true?


Another problem is that my mother is currently overseas, she can't go to a Telstra shop.  I'd like to get some advise on what she can do.

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Re: Reactivate an expired mobile number

It is correct that  the number would go into quarantine for 6 months, and no one can  access it.

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Re: Reactivate an expired mobile number

See Reclaim your phone number from a telco | ACMA for the rules around reclaiming a number.


But generally, a number goes into quarantine for 6 months, during which time you could ask to reclaim it.

The big caveat on that is if the number wasn't originally allocated to Telstra (eg was ported from another provider), it would be returned to the original provider for reissue. If that is the case, you could ask the original provider to get the number.


You will note at the bottom of the page that providers do not have to reissue the number.

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Re: Reactivate an expired mobile number

Thank you.


The number was originally form Telstra many years ago back in around the mid 1990's.  I don't think she has ever changed her provide, but just from post-paid to pre-paid.  My Mom didn't want to get a new number was because she has been using it for so many years.

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