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Silver Chat Support is Frustrating

After spending more than two hours connected to chat on silver support I’ve concluded that whoever runs silver support is paid for the number of hours they keep chatting to someone.

They seem to have very little access to Telstra systems to actually answer any questions.

They just keep coming back to you with silly questions - it’s almost as if you’re not even connected to a human. After two hours of restating my problem 20 times in excruciating technical detail I was still getting questions like “so I understand you have a problem with recharge”. 
This is the worst situation since the disaster days of the three amigos.

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Level 20: Director

Re: Silver Chat Support is Frustrating

Try starting a new thread in CrowdSupport regarding your technical issue.

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Re: Silver Chat Support is Frustrating

Thanks Dowser.  

I'm making a judgement that the issue of the recharge is beyond the capability of Telstra to resolve.

I'll deal with it as a Complaint or Ombudsman issue.

I've tried a few times with new threads.

The issue that I am talking about here the underlying issue probably impacting multiple customers.

And the underlying issue which if solved, will have much greater benefits, is for Telstra Management Team to take action to ensure the chat team are equipped with the correct tools and performance measures.  

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