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Swap iPad nano SIM service for ZTE MF91 style Telstra 4G unit

Hi guys, 


I currently have an iPad Air 2 using Telstra's Prepaid $200 offering that gives me approx 12GB of data over a 12 month period. It is obviously using a nano sim given the type of device it is.


I am wanting to resurrect my Telstra 4G Broadband mobile wifi hub (the white ZTE MF91 unit) and use it at a house that doesn't have availability of ADSL or other internet. Rather than buying a whole new SIM card, prepaid account and more data that I don't need, I'd like to use this prepaid account in this ZTE unit for 4G broadband and have other devices (such as that existing iPad Air 2) tether off it using it's built in wireless capability.


Just wondering whether this can be done by simply getting a micro SIM from a Telstra shop, logging that SIM with this existing iPad prepaid account's service number and then using the data in this fashion. I wish to avoid purchasing another $200 prepaid account when I have a perfectly good account ready to go, but wish to use it in a different Telstra device.


Just wondering whether this is at all possible. There is still about 11GB of data available on this prepaid service over the next 11 months or so.


The device is attached below:


4G Modem






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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Swap iPad nano SIM service for ZTE MF91 style Telstra 4G unit

This may be possible however there are a number of factors that we will need to check.


Firstly, you are able able to have one active SIM per service. That means we can swap the SIM to a Micro for you but you will no longer be able to use it in your iPad without getting a new SIM/Plan for it or swapping the back to a Nano SIM. 


Further to this, we need to check whether this SIM is set up on an iPad specific plan but this can be done at the Telstra Store or over Live Chat.


I hope this helps but let me know if you need further clarification.



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