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Switch from old Prepaid Simplicity to new Prepaid Mobile plan

I am on an old Prepaid Simplicity plan and have accumulated about $100 recharge credit on it.

1. What happens to the recharge credit if I switch to the current Prepaid Mobile plan?

2. Will it roll over to the new Prepaid Mobile plan?

3. If it rolls over, what can I do with the credit? Can I purchase Data packs with it?

4. Do I have to do a recharge on the new plan before I can purchase Data pack?

Hope someone can advise me. TIA.

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Support Team

Re: Switch from old Prepaid Simplicity to new Prepaid Mobile plan

Hey! You’ll lose your current recharge balance and all accumulated data once you changing to the new plan. You should consider changing your plan close to your recharge expiry or once you have used all your current inclusions as your plan will be effect immediately.


With the new plans you'll able to recharge and add packs via the MyTelstra app


We also do have this handy change of pre-paid plan info here:

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Re: Switch from old Prepaid Simplicity to new Prepaid Mobile plan

Hi @acheang,


You won't see the option in your online Telstra Account or the My Telstra App to change your Pre-Paid plan from Simplicity to the Mobile Pre-Paid plan.


Telstra are using a new system for the Pre-Paid Mobile and Pre-Paid Casual plans. The Simplicity plan is on the old system. 

Telstra is in the process of moving all Pre-Paid customer's that are on the old system to the new system. There has been a delay in this process. You should receive and email with 30 day's notice showing the date that your Pre-Paid service will moved. In the email it will say which Pre-Paid plan you'll be moved to (it should be the Mobile plan).


I was on the Pre-Paid Max plan until Telstra moved my service to the Pre-Paid Mobile plan in August this year. Any accumulated Recharge Credit I had was converted to Data at the rate of $5/0.99mb, basically 1GB for every $5 I had.

The Pre-Paid Mobile and Pre-Paid Casual plans don't have accumulated recharge credit like the old plans had.

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