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Transfer prepaid account to new number but retaining credit expire period?

Hi guys.


So I have a prepaid mobile account on Simplicity. I've had it so long it will last seven years into the future. LOL I want to change to another plan. But if I do so I'll be immediately wiping seven years expiry with no turning back. I'm relunctant to do so as it is like a commodity I have built up.


My mother is not a heavy mobile user and currently her account has expired. So my account would be perfect for her. I'd like to transfer my account to a new number so my mum can have a long lasting expiry with great rates. 😉


Is it possible to transfer an account including any credit and expiry period over to a new number? Or indeed change the existing number but keep that expiry period? Recharging after the change is no problem. Keeping the present long expiry period is the priority.

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