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your change of service

Ron, we're always working to streamline our plans. That's why we're phasing out some older features on your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Pass plan on <Removed for Privacy> from 13 October, 2020.
We're changing. Automatically.
These changes to your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Pass plan will be automatic, so you don't need to do a thing.


Hi Guys, I received the above  email from you advising that my account is to be change on 13 Oct it also said I had to do nothing it would be done automatically, what will my account be changed to ?

I do not have a phone, I have a 4g black & white unit from Telstra that I use for data only, I had 2gb remaining on that unit and in August 2020 I put another $50 on that and now you tell me I will get a partial refund, how much refund will I get?

About two years ago I changed my email address, I notified you of the change but the only way to get into this area was to use my old email address that is no longer available, please rely to this via my current email address.

Regards Ron Mason


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Re: your change of service

Hi Ron,


You won't be receiving an email from a Telstra Employee regarding your post.

This is Crowdsupport, a public forum where it's mainly customer's helping other customer's, not a direct contact to a Telstra Employee.

No-one on Crowdsupport has access to customer's Accounts.


I also received the same email as you regarding my Pre-Paid mobile broadband Data Pass service. 

In the email you'll read that from 13th October Telstra are removing International Roaming, Telstra Air, Credit Me 2 U, and SMS and BPAY recharging from our Pre-Paid broadband service.


We'll still be on the Pre-Paid mobile broadband Data Pass plan but will no longer be able to use the above features that they are removing. 


You can apply for a partial refund but if you do this you won't be able to use your broadband service until you put another recharge on. 


I don't know how much the refund will be, you'd need to contact Telstra directly by sending a message in the My Telstra App on your mobile phone (blue icon in the Get Help section, bottom right of the screen).

If Codi the bot replies with an irrelevant response type "I want to speak to a human".

You'll be placed in a queue for a Telstra Employee to reply to your message.


Be prepared that the Telstra Employee might not be able to tell you how much refund you'll get.

Pre-paid customer's have posted on Crowdsupport that when they've been messaging with a Telstra Employee the Employee doesn't know anything about the change's Telstra are notifying Pre-paid customer's about. 

I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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Re: your change of service

Hi Smiley 3, I have been waiting for Telstra to reply to my question doh.

thank you for your help, I have tried phoning Telstra and what a mess their answering machine puts one through, did not manage to get to talk to a human, a sign of the times me thinks and it will not get any better IMHO.

I will try as you suggest the message system.


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