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Buying Telstra BNIB Sealed from Gumtree

Good morning,

I was looking for a new phone and found Samsung Galaxy S8+ on Gumtree. Although I understand Gumtree is not safe, but I plan to understand the right and safest process for purchasing BNIB phone off Gumtree.

The SGS8+ is part of the Telstra postpaid plan, which the seller doesn't require as he already has a phone and wanted to cash in.

The whole idea of the transaction is to meet the seller, open the sealed and wrapped box, boot the phone up and ensure that it boots up correctly.

Some sellers on Gumtree are genuine and some of them are total scams; this will be my 2nd attempt in purchasing BNIB mobile off Gumtree seller and on the 1st instance, it was a success.

The concern that I have is if the seller decided to report the phone as stolen, then the device will be blocked and I will be left with a brick. So I would like to understand the right process by Telstra, if the phone is on Postpaid plan, what is the right way of transferring ownership of that phone to the buyer, hence the risk of it being reported as stolen can be minimised to zero?

Looking forward to your reply. TIA!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Buying Telstra BNIB Sealed from Gumtree

What you are buying is technically a second hand phone as far as Telstra is concerned.


There isn't actually anything within Telstra's system to record that you own that phone, as it isn't technically relevant to them. You can use any phone you wish (as long as it's compatible).


What you need to do is to get a document signed by the original owner transferring the ownership of the phone to you. Make sure that the IMEI of the phone is included on the document. Also their name and address. Keep a screenshot of the Gumtree ad as well.


There really isn't any other way of doing it.

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