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5G keeps dropping to H+ when activating hotspot

I have a Samsung S21 and I often need to use it as a hotspot for work because there's no NBN in my area due to HFC shortages. I have observed that whenever I activate hotspot on my phone, within a few minutes, the 5G connection will switch to H+. This impacts functionality of applications like video conferencing and screen sharing for work which is very disruptive. The Telstra cell tower is less than a 200 m line of sight from my location. What gives Telstra?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 5G keeps dropping to H+ when activating hotspot

Try changing the Mobile Network settings to 4G/3G/auto and see if it exhibits the same behaviour.

The 4G signal should have better building penetration and give a more reliable connection.


Not sure why the phone is dropping back from 5G to H+.

Are you sure that the tower is a Telstra tower? You can double check by looking it up at

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