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Changes to pre-paid

Hi ,

I note you are changing pre- paid to no roll-over and any unused credits will be lost. 

To say I am angry is am understatement..I have $123 in credit and I am going to lose them all.

That is THEFT in my book.

I should be refunded that amount.

I think the Telecommunications Ombudsman might agree with me.

Totally DISGUSTING way to treat your customers. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Changes to pre-paid

It sounds like you are on one of the old Long Life plans and are being rolled onto one of the new Telstra Mobile Casual Plans (which Telstra are allowed to do).


Your first step in querying what will be happening to your extra credit is call 132200 and say "Prepaid" at the prompt.


If you want to take it up with the TIO, then visit tio.com.au (although this process has been going on for quite a while now, so the issue should have already been dealt with if the Ombudsman thought that there was a problem with it).

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Re: Changes to pre-paid

Hi, Thank you, I shall do just that.

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