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Concurrent email sync with multiple devices on Telstra mail

I have Telstra Mail email set up on my smartphone and my laptop computer. But recently I have noticed I am having trouble with allowing all devices to sync my email inbox concurrently.


They are all set up to use IMAP protocol because Telstra Mail implements IMAP. because this is intended to support multiple-device operation as in "what is read on one is read on all of them" for example.


The problem I run in to at times is that if the devices attempt to sync concurrently, I end up with error messages like needing to update login details. There is a reality where most of us will run our email account with multiple devices and want to be sure of proper sync behaviour across all of them but if the email system throws errors every time multiple devices sync concurrently, it can become difficult.


What can I do about that issue?


With regards,


Simon Mackay

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