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Galaxy note 10+ 5g backorder

Has any telstra customers experienced the worst service regarding ordering this bloody phone 

This is not a preorder plan

Was told 3 to 5 business days for phone to be delivered 

Then told there is no stock available australia wide all bs

Then i was told that i have a tracking number which was a fake number 

Then i have been told as of today 2 to 3 weeks for delivery 

So to clarify telstras lies i jave contacted samsung regarding stock levels here in victoria for the black version in 512gb they have said that samsung victoria has over 50 in black scattered across the state 

Can any 1 shed some light on how long it took for there phone to arrive thank you

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Re: Galaxy note 10+ 5g backorder

Same rubbish for me. They are running promotions including live Facebook inserts and online media for this phone representing that it is available. Then silence once you order... almost like a bait and deny tactic to get people hooked in for a $3-$4k commitment. I have a transcript of an online sales chat person telling me they have stock before I ordered. This one looks like one for the ombudsman and ACCC... Telstra never learn

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Re: Galaxy note 10+ 5g backorder

Being a review journalist of Samsung product for many years I would suggest the problem lay with Samsung, not Telstra. You could call a Samsung product store in your capital city and ask them if you come in could they supply you with that particular handset on the spot, if not, when?

Mind you, this problem is not uncommon with this type of product and is prevalent in the tech industry. Any reason you didn't pre-order and take the $500 gift plus 5G so close to release? Would have almost guaranteed delivery on time.

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Re: Galaxy note 10+ 5g backorder

By the way. I got my Note 10+ 5G from Telstra on the day of release. And a few concessions.

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