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Galaxy Watch LTE Not ringing for incoming calls when Mobile is switch on - Telstra One Number

Hoping someone might be able to help me :-)


We have a new Telstra one number service and am unable to receive calls on the new smart watch (ie the watch does not ring) over the Mobile network, when the handset is switched on.


Hardware and Software

Samsung Galaxy S7 with android 8.0.0 (supports watch).

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Service: Telstra One Number


Failure scenario is:

Mobile is on. Watch is on.

BT is OFF (or phone and watch are separated by a long distance).

Incoming call only rings on mobile and not the watch. I expected both the watch and phone to ring simultaneously.


Test calls:

Outgoing from watch over BT = OK

Outgoing from watch over LTE = OK

Incoming to watch over BT = OK, can ring and answer on watch.

Incoming to watch over LTE with Mobile switched OFF = OK, can ring and answer on watch.

Incoming to watch over LTE with Mobile switched ON = Watch DOES NOT RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can send and receive SMS when connected to LTE or BT OK.


Note: After the watch fails to ring, we receive an SMS saying "missed call" and the missed call is registered in the watch phone app.

This suggests that the watch has LTE connectivity during the time of the test call as it was capable of receiving SMS over LTE.


Things attempted to fix:

Checked DND, Night, Theatre mode etc on watch - all OFF.

Restarted watch.

Restarted phone.

"Restart network" on watch, which I presume restarts the eSIM registration?

Factory default the watch and start again.

Swapped mobile's sim to a different handset (Samsung A90), and paired to watch - same result. No incoming ring via LTE.



Outgoing from watch is no issue.

Test calls suggest the watch's hardware is OK, as it is able to receive LTE calls when the mobile is off.

Moving the sim to a different handset produced the same failure scenario, so this suggests it is not a handset issue.



Testing seems to point to the configuration/operation of the One Number service itself.

It is failing to signal the watch (via LTE) of incoming voice calls, when the Mobile is switched on.



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