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Need to install eSIM but neither new phone nor old phone can receive validation code

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I had a Galaxy Note 9. I used the Telstra app to transfer my service from the old phone to an eSIM on my new phone.


After it was installed I didn't have phone service on either my old phone or my new phone so I assumed the process had failed - i didn't know you had to wait 24 hours for the eSIM to start working. Instead I removed the eSIM from my new phone using the device settings because I wanted to attempt the process again.


When I tried again I wasn't able to receive an SMS code because I was in a situation with no working devices that could receive it. Can you please generate a QR code for me or send me the eSIM file again? I believe that my phone service is working, but my device just needs to have the eSIM installed.


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