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Phone lease plan

I wonder if anyone else has been duped like I have.

I thought I was purchasing a couple of Galaxy S9 mobile phones, when I "bought" them from my local Telstra shop.

My bill for Internet, land line and 2 mobiles is $272 per month. Over a 2 year period this totals $6528.

The salesman told me that these are very good phones and you won't need to replace them for a long time.

Recently I discovered, when chatting with Telstra, that at the end of the 24 month period, which occurs in July of 2020, I must return them for a swap.

I was told that I could return them immediately and pay $198 for the early return.

My internet and Land line cost would then drop to $50 per month and I would have no mobile phones.

This means that I have been paying $222 per month for the lease of these mobiles that I assumed I was buying. That totals over the two years to $5328.00 just to lease them - I was not told that I was leasing them and assumed, at that price, I was buying them.

A couple of **bleep** Smith phones would do the job and save me $4500. Telstra saw me coming. What a mug I am.


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Re: Phone lease plan

I see that the "Richard" in Smith was bleeped out - Perhaps they should change their company Name. Duh.

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Re: Phone lease plan

If you were not told you were entering a lease, you have consumer rights. Did you read the contract?

If you had bought over thr phone.... the transaction will be recorded for recall. In a store is more difficult to prove you were misled. Have you spoken to the senior store manager or franchisee? You can lodge a complaint


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