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Samsung 46mm watch - solution to not ringing = turn off "mute all" button

This is a note of a solution rather than a question per se.


I got a 46mm Samsung watch for Christmas and was able to connect it to Telstra through my Samsung phone.  It was working well and would ring when calls came in, even when I was nowhere near the phone.  It then stopped ringing - it would still receive calls, it would vibrate when a call came in, I could take the call, I could make calls, but no ringer, even with the volume on 15.  When I was choosing ring tones there would be no sound.


I tried everything over a week - resetting the phone, changing connections etc - and then my daughter found it: in one of the submenus - for "hearing enhancement" - there is a "mute all sounds" button.  I'd switched this on in error, presuming that it muted background noise on calls: it doesn't, it mutes all sounds that the watch can make, including the ringer.  It presumably also mutes alarms, so it's like a super theatre mode. 


Once this was turned off the phone went back to ringing when someone called me.  Problem fixed.   

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