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samsung Galaxy S7 Edge way to fragile

hi everyone.
Just wanted to let you know that you have to be very careful with the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. This phone is very fragile. after only 5 days my phone fell out my pocket from only 25cm high on a wooden!! floor and that was enough to shatter the screen.
Samsung should let people know how fragile this phone is.
And don't think I'm careless with my phone. my previous phone was a Motorola razr v8 and lasted 9 years :-)

Kind regards

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: samsung Galaxy S7 Edge way to fragile

Hi Alex10,


That's not good to hear at all. If you would like for us to take a look at this handset, please visit your local Telstra store and they would be more than happy to discuss repair options.

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Re: samsung Galaxy S7 Edge way to fragile

I have noticed this also compared to my previous S5 and work iphone. The screen scratches very easily. Not big scratches just small fine scratches. The phone has never been dropped and the work iphone that gets the same daily handling doesn't have a scratch) I normally dont use screen protectors (my previous s5 never had one and had no scratches) I have ended up getting a flip case to protect the s7 screen. 

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