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Samsung RCS Messaging s10 and note 10

Is anyone having RCS messaging issues on either a galaxy s10 or Note 10?

Telstra cant identify account issues and samsung has said it is enabled on all s10 and note 10 handsets.
Note 10 cannot recognise RCS as being available and s10 keeps getting messages failed if via RCS. All fine via normal sms

previosuly saw a lot of people with same issue but all is now quiet on the matter.



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Re: Samsung RCS Messaging s10 and note 10

My note 10+ and S10+ (Wife) can use RCS fine. The benefit I see from RCS is the ability to send multiple photographs without too much compression and multiple contacts for each conversation, like from me to family in one go. We all use Samsung "Messages".

Other than turning on the technology I don't think Telstra has much to do with it and the local Telstra stores have little idea how it works. The idea is trial and error and fend for yourself.

Much like Telstra One Number. Mine crashed for no apparent reason, I could get phone calls but not text and notifications. Tried everything with Telstra for three weeks, online, store and overseas and eventually told there was nothing they could do but don't reset the watch (five times). Of course, I reset the watch and it worked fine. I think all the good techies are working for NBN.

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