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Samsung S21 ultra overheating

not too happy on this one. Straight out of the box the phones already up to 51deg C just setting up, then a day later YouTube closes and phone gets too hot and very laggy. Camera does the same gets too hot and overheating. Battery from full charge 7am off charge is dead by 11am with only a few phone calls and phone instandby mode. 


Question is. 


I want to return it plain and simple it's two days old.  I don't want another junk phone.  My old phone prior so far is better in every single way.


No I don't want to do full factory reset again. No I don't want to put it in for "repair" 




I don't want to return it and have it "repaired with refurbished parts according to refund policy" 


Plain refund. How can I do that, surely I have some Australia consumer rights. 


Telstra store oh you have to come back in two weeks with an appointment for a technician. 


**bleep** mate 50deg.... It's a phone not an oven



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