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Telstra T-Voice App

Hello. I currently have Telstra home broadband (ADSL) bundled with my landline in which all calls are included.


We never use the landline, which is a waste, we only got it because it was a requirement for getting broadband cheaper.


If we load the Telstra T-Voice App onto our mobiles and use it at home, will the calls be charged against our landline account (which are already paid for) or will it be charged to our mobile accounts?


I'm looking at buying a new home phone which would allow us to use our mobiles via bluetooth, but this app., if it charges against the landline when making a call would save me the expense of the new phone.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra T-Voice App

Calls made through the T-Voice app use your landline. You need to have the phone cable plugged into the Line socket in the back of the modem for this to work.

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