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Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

Good evening all!

I have seen multiple threads in relation to my query but no resolution. I purchased a Telstra pre-paid Samsung Galaxy A20 though Australia Post and after a year Telstra decided to change our plans without notifying us, so I decided to go with another company.

In short, we cannot use the phone due to it being networked locked. Have contacted Telstra and they were happy to take the fee to unlock my phone with the 7-10 working day time frame. Come the 10th day, I rang and low and behold, they have told me that it may take up to a month for Samsung to give us a code to unlock. 

Has anyone had any success in unlocking this type of phone? It is a great handset and hate to have to ditch it!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

ive got a Samsung Galaxy j2 pro, and ive been waiting for 5 weeks now, i doubt you are going to be able to get an unlock code any time soon

you can either wait, which will take a while.

or go pester the closest telstra store, or their support line and still have to wait.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

Reaching out to see if everything is ok with the unlocking Mikael_Urkko? 

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Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

it turns out the telstra store are apparently not supposed help you unlock your phone, and are just supposed to tell you to call telstra to get it sorted out. 

i didnt know that, and went to a store near me thinking that their job was to sell phones and plans, and provide customer support.

they gathered my information and IMEI number, and told me it would take a few days, that turned into a few weeks, and here i am.

each time i went in there they told me to just be patient, when infact they never even sent the unlocking team anything.


i gave telstra a call the other day and got it sorted out, hopefully ill get something within the week.

sorry for that wall of text.

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Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

Hi Veezy,

I wonder whether or not you a representative from Telstra or not, and whether you pass on all the negative feelings customers have about Telstra support.

I have never see such lack of support from any company for their own service.

I wish had I read these forums the other day before I purchased a Telstra pre paid phone(A7S 2020) from Kmart. It was for a friend who uses the Belong SIM, as I do.

I wrongly assumed that I could use the Belong SIM because it was on the Telstra network, my bad, so was relectantly willing to pay the $80 unlocking fee, and put it down to a life lesson.

So I started the process on the Telstra web page help about unlocking a device, tried calling the number but got little response from that. Next I used the Chat function, and bypassed the robot. This could be a good way to get support as you can get your message across in a clear and consice manner. Chat person informed me that yes I could unlock over chat, so supplied him with IMEI number.

He said it would cost $25, which I thought was geat, but assumed that was because the phone only cost $179.

But then he can back and said he couldnt do it and I had to take it to a Telstra store.

So off I go to the store, the person that served me had never done a phone unlock and had to Google it in front of me! Eventually he came to the result that he could not do the unlocking there and then and it could take up to 14 Days!!! I ended up leaving after paying $25 and a reference number, and told that it can take up to 10 days.

Tried to use excuse that they are a francise, and it had to be done by pre paid back end or something.

TELSTRA, this is NOT acceptable.


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Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

Update on my unlocking.

After the weekend and not having heard anything from Telstra, I fired up the Telsta App on my own phone and proceded to chat with support. The person requested the IMEI number and my receipt number and within a few minutes came back with an unlock code. I noted the number and took screen shot and requested to get number text to my phone for proof. They couldnt do it ththen but promised later that day. Yes later that day the text arrived with unlock code. And yes the unlock code worked.

About a week later I received a text from Telstra with same imei and unlock code, most likeley from the order put in at the Telstra Shop.

So maybe the answer is to use the app.

I still cannot believe how unorganised and inefficient this company has become when resolving problems.

Hope this helps someone.

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Re: Unlocking a prepaid Samsung A20

Read my replies. I had more success with the Telstra App chat option.


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