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Changes to Telstra's Business Data Plan

What’s changing?   

We recently sent you a notice to let you know we’re making changes to our Business Data plans. We will be moving your service to an updated Medium or Large Data Plan from 9 October 2021. Plan changes are detailed below 



Data Plan Medium

Data Plan Large






Included Data





Monthly Price






We’re here to help you transition to the updated plan with a $5 mth credit for the next six months. You don’t need to do anything – we’ll automatically credit you. After 6 months, you will pay the new monthly costs outlined in the table above. 


Why have we made these changes? 

We created these updated plans to better meet the current and future needs of our customers, and as part of our commitment to simplify our products and plan offerings. 


What do I need to do?

Nothing. If you’re happy to move to the updated plan and receive the credit, you don’t need to do anything; your service will automatically be moved to the updated plan and the 6 month credit will be added to your bill following 9 October 2021.


Please note: the $5/mth credit offer only applies if you remain on a current or higher plan. If you choose to move to a lower plan, you become ineligible for the credit.  


I do not want to move to the updated Data Plan outlined in my notice
Our plans are month to month, so you can change to another plan or cancel your existing plan at any time. More information about our plans can be found here


If you cancel your plan but are still paying off a device such as a tablet, you’ll need to pay out any remaining device charges. This also applies to repayments on any accessories that are attached to your plan. 


How does this affect my service?   

Your monthly plan price will change as outlined in the plan table above. Your data allowance will also increase as outlined in the plan table above, and there will still be no excess data charges and data sharing available.


What other data plans do you offer?  

For more information on our current data plans, visit our online store. 


Do the updated plans include 5G network access?  

Our Medium Data Plan and the Large Data Plan include 5G access on a compatible device and in selected areas. Outside of 5G areas you’ll switch to 3G/4G.  


I changed plans recently and am not on a Medium or Large Data Plan. Do I need to do anything? 

You do not need to take any action. Please ignore this notification.  


Additional FAQs:  

When will the plan change happen?  

If you make the switch yourself, the plan update will happen the day you submit it. If you do not make this update, we will begin automatically updating plan changes from 9 October 2021.  

I will be receiving the monthly credit. What happens after the 6-month period? 
After you receive the $5 monthly credit 6 times, it will stop being applied to your bill. You will be notified the month before the credit expires.  

How do I know what plan I’m on?  

Just check your most recent Telstra bill. The name of the plan will be listed against each service.  


What are my options if I don’t want to change to this plan?  

If you don’t want to move to the updated plan, you can change plans or cancel your service at any time.    


If you want to change plans, you can find more information about our current data plans and find the right plan for your needs by visiting our online store or your nearest Telstra Store.   

If you cancel your plan but are still paying off a tablet, mobile broadband device, or accessories, you’ll need to pay out any remaining device charges. You can check the outstanding amount owed for your device using in the My Telstra app.    


Will I lose any existing credits? 

No. The plan change and receiving the $5/mth credit will not affect any other credits or discounts currently applied to your account. 



I would like to know more – who can I talk to?  

The best way to get in touch directly is by sending us a message in the My Telstra app. Simply tap on the Get Help tab and then tap on either Message us or the blue message icon.  

Prefer to discuss your options in person? Visit your nearest Telstra store.  


For general information on Telstra products and plans, you can also visit the Support Centre.  

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