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Mobile XS Plan Credit Expiry

Credit Expiring

Your bill will look different because the monthly credit on your Extra Small mobile plan is expiring.


Why has my mobile credit expired?

You were provided with a monthly mobile credit for a fixed period that has now ended. From your next bill, the credit on your Extra Small mobile service will no longer apply.


Why have I only received part of my monthly credit on my bill?

A part month credit will appear on your bill when you have a credit that ends part way through your billing period. The date of the credit’s expiry isn’t always the same as the end of your billing period, so there can be some overlap where the credit only covers part of the month. The first monthly credit you received was also a part month credit.


What other plan options do I have?

You can explore other options such as a Pre-Paid service. We offer two types of Pre-Paid plans – a Pre-Paid Mobile plan offers great value for everyday use, while our Pre-Paid Mobile Casual plan is a good option if you don’t use your phone often. And when you enable auto-recharge on a Prepaid plan, you’ll have the convenience of automatic recharges each month. 


Find out more about our Pre-Paid plans here


What’s next?

You don’t need to do anything. All updates happen automatically.


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