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We’re saying thanks with 25GB bonus data

I got an sms saying I was getting 25GB bonus data – why?

We’re simply saying thanks to our customers by automatically depositing 25GB of data into your Data Bank/Pre-Paid allowance.


How can I use the data?

The data is already in your Data Bank or Pre-Paid allowance and is eligible for use within Australia with an active recharge.


How long have I got to use this data?

  • Pre-Paid Extra - your 25GB bonus data has been deposited into your Pre-Paid Extra Data Bank and can be used for as long as you have an active recharge.

  • All other plans - your 25GB bonus data can be used over 28 or 30 days (depending on whether you are on a 28 or 30 day plan) to be used with an active recharge. Note - this data bonus will not roll over after the 28 or 30 day expiry.

Is there any action required by me?

No, there’s no further action required by you – just enjoy your extra data!


Will I get this offer every month?

No, this bonus 25GB is a one-off offer to say thanks to our customers. But our Telstra pre-paid and Boost offers are regularly updated so keep an eye out for new benefits.

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