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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

The way we work is changing. The latest report from ACMA confirms we have become a nation of digital workers – with more than half of all employed Australians using the internet to work away form the office. What is interesting is that 45% of small businesses with digital workers say it’s now essential to their business – and Citrix research shows small businesses are lifting productivity by more than 30% through mobile workstyles.


So what are the factors behind a successful mobile workforce strategy?


1. Give your team members the tools they need

When working out of the office, your people need access to business information on smartphones and tablets, including word files, presentations, email and reports, as well as in-house intelligence to make decisions - plus apps that help them collaborate with team members or subject matter experts.

Consider: Microsoft Office 365, ARISapp and Canvas


2. Keep the communication going

Managing a remote team has unique challenges. Digital workers need to understand how their work affects business objectives and see the big picture – or their work will just be a production line of tasks that may not get to your goal. Face time can help build relationships and understanding – and you can do that through video conferencing to save on travel.

Consider: Video Conferencing and Blue Jeans


3. Keep control over device ownership

Flexible work practices are a major pressure point, with 37% of Australian businesses surveyed by Citrix saying they’re under more pressure to introduce these practices than they were 5 years ago. But before you rush into a ‘quick fix’ ‘BYO Device’ policy, consider this: although almost 75% of Australian businesses plan to increase their mobility spend in 2014 according to a recent IDC white paper , a ‘rushed approach’ can lead to costly mistakes and low employee satisfaction. IDC’s research suggests a ‘Choose Your Own Device’ solution helps firms manage security and app functionality – without limiting employees to a platform they dislike.

Consider: Shared data on a Business Fleet Connect Plan and Business Mobile Data Packs, or bundle mobile and broadband with DOT (Digital Office Technology)™


This recent story in Smarter Business Ideas suggests Australian employers might be less flexible than they think.

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