The Smarter App Round-Up

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

What’s a busy business owner’s best-kept secret? It’s likely to be a smartphone app that helps them keep in touch with their business when they’re on the go. We ask some of our readers what apps they can’t live (or work) without.


Brisbane-based web agency Director Chris Garett uses Evernote to curb the avalanche of sticky notes and ideas jotted on a scrap of paper. He records meetings, keeps to-do lists, shares web screen shots and snaps photos of business cards, and describes it as the “Swiss Army knife of organisation.” He also trusts MetroView GPS Navigation to get him to meetings (without speeding), Viber to connect teams who are on the go and Xero for real-time financials.


Meanwhile, auction website General Manager Shiju Thomas depends on goCatch, Uber and Tripview to get around town on time, JotNot Scanner for receipts and document snapshots (including all that work on the whiteboard) and Beat the Q to get his caffeine fix without delay.


Here are a few more apps we love:

  • Need to present on the fly? Try SlideShark to fire up your PowerPoint presentation, and connect it to an external display using Airplay.
  • Have to edit documents during your commute? Trust Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers.
  • Want to take customer orders on a smartphone? Create your own custom forms using Canvas and go paperless, professionally.


Check out a few more app for mobile productivity on the Smarter website.

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