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New Users - How to search and create posts on CrowdSupport

For those that are new, here is a brief rundown on how to create a post on CrowdSupport Smiley Happy


Step 1 - Search the Fourm


You should always use the search feature at the top, as most questions have already been asked by someone in the Crowd:

CS Search.png


As you type, possible solutions and threads can come up for you:

CS Suggestions.png


You can click on any of these suggestions to be taken to that thread


Step 2 - Creating a Post


If you can't find the answer to your question, you can then create a post. You can do this by selecting the main category tab, and finding a suitable board:

CS Main Board.png



In the example above, if you wanted to post a question about a new phone thats coming out (such as the Blackberry Z10) you would click the  New Upcoming Devices board.


Pro-Tip: Choose the best board for your query, don't repeat this process for all the boards. You should only create one thread per question/issue


Once you have clicked the board you want, you simply click the New Post.png button found at the top of the board. You are then able to create a new Post:

New Post Editor.png


In the subject box, type a short, but meaningful subject for your question. A great example is Blackberry z10 Availability Date?. A not so good example is Availability? or When will the Blackberry z10 become available because I really like this phone?


You can then put your full question into the Body section. Some of the good rules to follow are:

- Be clear and concise

- Use full sentences and paragraphs where appropriate

- Try to use the same font that CrowdSupport has normally

- Don't use excessively large or small characters


Pro-Tip: Don't forget, the people who will respond to you likely don't have access to your account, and don't know you. Provide as much information as possible to allow the crowd to try and help.


When  you are done, you can run a Spell Check and click Post. Then your thread will be there for all to see Smiley Happy


Don't forget, CrowdSupport places a big empahsis on the Crowd, which is other Telstra customers and people interested in Telecommunications. Most people who respond to you don't represent Telstra, so be sure to treat them with the same respect you would treat someone in the street. If you have an Account-Specific issue, the best way to get it fixed is to contact Telstra directly, failing that contact the TIO Smiley Happy




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