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My wife and I have split up so I took the time off work to go to a Telstra shop to change the details of my account as it was all in my ex wife’s name. I spent time in the shop filling out forms to change the details of my account so I can sign in and pay the bill or contact you when the internet is not working properly since doing this I have not received any invoices by mail however I have received an invoice via email but it looks like a scammer email so I ignored it. I received a phone call today from an Asian lady today saying that my invoice was overdue and because she could have been a scammer I asked her to email me the numbers I need to BPay the invoice but she said she couldn’t do that which doesn’t surprise me because we all know Telstra would find communication with a customer on the long list of things Telstra cannot do. So because I do care and want to communicate to Telstra that I don’t have any information about my invoice I stupidly called Telstra to try and rectify this problem and was sent a txt that wanted me to sign into the my Telstra app but because no one has bothered to read the information I filled out at the shop and act on the information I took the time to give them I cannot sign into my Telstra app as it's in my ex wife's name so when I hit the I forgot the password and username button it send a email to my ex wife yet funny enough you sent me a email calling me Stacey which I find disrespectful. So I tried to call Telstra another 5 times trying to just do some old fashioned talking to a human and Telstra hung up on me 5 times and sent an email to my ex wife. I sent a message to Telstra via the help option and they said they would call me in a moment so I'm guessing that a moment is more than 2 hours and means that you might call me tomorrow while I'm trying to work and don't have any information with me as I work out doors and if I was to carry any paper work with me it would turn into paper mashay before 10: o'clock as I work hard and sweat a lot. So I'd just like to ask if there is just one human being that can talk to me and actually complete the task of changing my details and print out an invoice and send it to me so I can pay my bill or if you can handle this can you give me a phone number so I can call you with my mobile telephone and pay the invoice but it needs to be a phone number that a human answers as your automated service treats your customers very poorly and hangs up on them as it does not seem to understand customer service

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