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windoze 10

Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Big Data-grabbing (or spying?) OS

It’s been a couple of weeks since the launch of Windows 10 and the numerous voices raising concerns over privacy and how it uses personal data are not getting any quieter.

Many of the concerns stem from the fact that if users follow the software’s recommendations and stick to default settings while installing their free upgrade, they are effectively giving Microsoft permission to directly monitor pretty much everything they do on their machines. This includes offline activity such as editing files stored locally in private folders on your computer, as well as everything you do online.

It doesn’t stop there, though. As well as monitoring and storing records of this activity, people installing the upgrade are - perhaps unknowingly if like many they have become complacent about reading privacy policies – giving Microsoft permission to share it with unspecified “partners”, for unspecified reasons.

From the guy in India.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/windows-10-microsofts-big-data-grabbing-spying-os-bernard-marr

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: windoze 10

Yeah, Microsoft are in need of making money some how... how better in this day and age to make money then data... the Win7/8 made them next to nothing in comparison to previous generations of Window OS because people expect different things.... people want free and expect free, but free doesn't exist, it always come with a catch...
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Re: windoze 10

If you think Microsoft is bad you should look at Google. I have just about given up turning off all the Google spyware and crapware on my Samsung phones.

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Re: windoze 10

There is no way to eliminate being spied on completely.  It has existed in some degree since the early days of Windows XP ('Service Pack 3 anyone?').  They all do it; Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google and just about anyone that requires you to be internet connected for the software or hardware you have purchased.  As information is gathered, it is stored in massive data centres worldwide.  The beginning of 'Big Data' and delivering seamless operations and services to the 'Internet of Things'.  It's not going away people, and there's nothing you can do about it.  Unless of course, you want to remove yourself completely from the grid and live in a cave, or remote community with no form of internet coverage at all.

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