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Having trouble live streaming Netball Live?

The current version of NRL Official App is supported on the following OS: 

  • Apple: iPod Touch, iPhone, with iOS 8 and above
  • Android: 4.1 and above operating systems

The application requires location services to be enabled on your device.


Please ensure that you are in an area with good mobile network or WiFi coverage . If you have a lot of people connected to Wi-Fi at the same time (especially if they're streaming or downloading too), this can affect the quality of your stream.

If you experience trouble while streaming, please try the following steps to assist in getting your connection functioning correctly.

If using your fixed line connection (ADSL,CABLE, NBN): 
Please power-cycle your modem: Unplug from power > Leave off for 5-10 mins > then Plug back in and restart. This will often force a line update through to your modem advising the signal is restored.

If you are connecting through your Mobile Data on your phone/tablet (3G/4G):
Please turn off the device > remove the SIM card > reinstall the SIM card > restart your device. This will often force a network update through to your device.

Restarting the app & force-closing all other apps can also help. To do this, please follow the below instructions.

iOS 9: Double-tap Home button, flick all the apps upwards

• Go to “Settings > Application Manager (or Apps) > Netball
• Click “Force Stop”
• Wait for five seconds
• Reopen the App

If above doesn't help, try completely uninstalling the app, restart the device & then redownload.


If you continue to experience deteriorating stream quality, an audio only feed or intermittent buffering/loading while watching a live match, please move to a location with better mobile network coverage or connect your device to a WiFi network with broadband connectivity that is uncongested.

Be sure to close the live match video before restarting the stream.

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