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How to use LTE-B with the AFL Live Official App


What is LTE-B?


With the AFL Live Official app growing in popularity, LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B) will ensure we make Australia’s best mobile network even better for streaming. 

Telstra will provide an enhanced streaming experience for viewers watching select AFL games on 4G. This technology is currently only available on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. LTE-B coverage is currently available in some parts of all capital cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) and other selected areas around Australia.




How does LTE-B work?  How will LTE-B enhance my streaming experience?

At present, when a large group of people in one area watch the same content, such as at a stadium during a game, individual streams of data are sent to each device individually (i.e. one to one). However, LTE-B allows content to be sent to many mobile users in one area via a single dedicated stream of data (i.e. one to many). 

In this way, LTE-B can provide a better clarity and less buffering for customers who are all trying to do the same thing at once, even when they are in high traffic areas like in a stadium.


Which games are LTE-B enabled?

At this stage, only selected games watched through the AFL Live Official app have LTE-B capabilities.


Am I eligible for LTE-B?

You are eligible for LTE-B if you own a Samsung GS8 and GS8+ and are on Telstra 4G. You should ensure you have the latest software update (8.0 and above) and have updated the AFL Official Live app (5.1.4 and above) on your mobile device.


Do I have to pay to use LTE-B?

No – use of the AFL Live Official app is data-free for Telstra mobile customers.


Do I have to pay for data when I stream with LTE-B?

Streaming content is unmetered for Telstra mobile customers when streaming on the Telstra mobile network within Australia.


Telstra mobile handsets / tablets with any Telstra SIM (excluding International Roaming)


How can I update the AFL app?

You will receive a notification on your device when the software update is available.


Once you have confirmed the availability of the software update, you can follow the instructions below to update the device.

  1. Setting > Software Update
  2. Scroll down and click Download
  3. After download complete, click Install Now.



  1. Play Store
  2. Type in “AFL” in Search bar to locate AFL Live Official App
  3. Click Update.


How can I enable/disable LTE-B?

  1. Settings > Apps
  2. You’ll see three vertical dots in the right-hand corner of the page, click this > show system apps.
  3. Click LTE Broadcast Middleware
  4. Scroll to app permissions
  5. Click the telephone slider


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