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Link your 2020 AFL Live Pass Offer

Link your 2020 AFL Live pass Offer for great benefits such as watching live on more devices accessing match replays on*


Customers are eligible for our 2020 AFL Live Pass offer if they are on a consumer or small business Telstra post-paid mobile plan, a Telstra consumer mobile broadband plan with a tablet or pre-paid service when they maintain a +$30 recharge. Customers need a compatible mobile or tablet.


Please make sure private browsing & your Wi-Fi is turned off.


Once you've done this please head to our Live Pass Offer FAQ page for full details on redeeming.


Once you've redeemed the 2020 AFL Live Pass Offer, you can link your live pass to an email via the app by logging in with your existing Telstra ID or registering for a new one.


To do this, please follow the below instructions:


- Open the AFL Official app on the same device that you redeemed the 2020 AFL Live Pass Offer with

- Tap 'AFL Live Pass' (top right of screen)

- Tap ‘AFL Live Pass Subscription'

- As long as your 2020 AFL Live Pass Offer is 'active' here, there will be an option to 'Link your Live Pass'

- Complete the relevant sections to 'login' with an existing Telstra ID (email / username) and password or register for a new Telstra ID with a new email address and password.

- Once complete, you can login across all platforms on the Official AFL Live App or with the linked Telstra ID credentials.


*Match replays via are only available to customers who purchased via the website or linked their 2020 AFL Live Pass Offer to a Telstra ID & are located within Australia.

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