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Netball Live App - Data Usage

Standard data charges apply when downloading or using the Netball Live Match Centre.


Video data usage is currently unmetered only for certain Telstra customers in respect of supported devices within Australia for the following Telstra services:

  • BigPond ADSL/Cable/NBN
  • Telstra mobile handsets / tablets with any Telstra SIM (excluding International Roaming)

Note: When accessing premium content, a connection charge may apply while accessing the live content server
If you're a heavy consumer this may cause a 1 cent charge over a month. This scenario is rare in our testing.

Additionally, be sure to use either My Account or our 24x7 app to monitor usage as third party applications will not take into account unmetred data. If you think it is using data, we'd recommend checking the APN is set to Telstra.Wap

If the APN is set to Telstra.Wap, the unmetred usage will be correct & won’t be what’s causing usage.

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