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Binge subscription offer ending soon

I have received an email purporting to be from Telstra, I have not ever signed up for Binge and believe that this email is a scam and I quote:-
From  -  no au there.


"Your 3 months free BINGE Standard offer ends soon. Monthly subscription fees will be charged from 19 October 2020.

You can redeem an extra 3 months free BINGE Standard because you’re a Telstra Plus member.

To activate:
1. Sign in to with the Telstra ID you use to access your Telstra Plus membership.
2. Select the Redeem button next to any of the listed services and follow the prompts.

To cancel your BINGE subscription, sign in to your Telstra account and head to your My Offers page. Scroll down to ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and click on the BINGE tile. You’ll be taken to your BINGE subscription settings where you can select ‘Cancel’."


Any comments on this?



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