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I have just received the following from Kayo There’s been a problem processing your Kayo subscription payment via Pay with Telstra. When this happens, it means that payment method is no longer available to you for this subscription. Don’t miss your favourite shows So there’s no interruption to what you're watching, you’ll need to set up a new way to pay directly through Kayo. It’s important to arrange this within 2 days otherwise your subscription will be cancelled. I can't understand why this has happened. I have just moved to a Telstra NBN plan. Could this have caused the problem?

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Re: Kayo

I have the same problem. I think there is a new offer / deal coming out. Can someone in the Telstra team confirm? Thanks


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Re: Kayo

I got the same message too late , already disconnected I have spent the past 24 hours emailing Kayo as they don’t have a phone and ringing Telstra my bill is paid by direct debit so it cannot be unable to process as it comes through the phone bill. I now have NO KAYO and nobody can tell me why 

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Re: Kayo

Same problem!

Set it & forget it

With direct debit there’s no need to give paying your bill another thought.

Avoid queuing up and never worry about late fees again.

Setup direct debit