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Am I the only subscriber experiencing repeatedly being asked to login to Kayo? Both days this weekend, have had to do the whole 6 steps again.  Who is likely to help solve this problem?  Kayo subscription held in previous years with no such complications, same TV, same old, same old.  Kayo instructions, repeated, repeated each day, connects login and is fine until next time, that is today but what is tomorrow likely to hold?   Subscription via Telstra account, up to date as are TV device settings (TV only used for Kayo).  Kayo app deleted and reinstalled on each occasion.  Any suggestions appreciated.  

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Re: Kayo

Hi @graygran 


It can happen when Kayo believes you are account sharing (Not saying you are).


Have you tried contacting Kayo support? I have noticed other customers having similar issues lately.


Myself, I would power down the modem for an hour or so, to try an get a new IP address (Check what it currently is, then recheck after booting up). Might be a CGNAT issue with Telstra.


I'm not sure if Telstra uses CGNAT on broadband, other than mobile. But a new IP address might fix your issue. Let us know if it did?

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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