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Re: Telstra/Netflix billing suddenly stopped

Apparently the problem stems from if you have recently changed your plan with Telstra. It's something on their end which is the problem and obviously it's still not sorted out. They will tell you its a netflix problem and to ring netflix, then netflix will say it's a Telstra problem and to ring them. After 5 hours on the phone and demanding to speak to a supervisor he finally admitted it was a problem on their end.Their solution to the problem is pay with a credit card or they will tell you to go into a Netflix office and pay in cash. I asked where the nearest Netflix office was to me and they told me Sydney. I happen to live in Bundaberg Qld. The Telstra customer service employees are are clueless, rude, condescending and a nightmare to deal with. My advise is ring and select billing and ask to speak to a Supervisor and don't speak to anyone else, demand your Netflix credit back and get them to send an email to you straight away saying they are crediting your account so you have proof. If you do the Netflix billing through Telstra again you will have the same problem each month like I did.



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