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Your Binge payment has been declined - concerns

I took up a 12 months of BINGE for Telstra Plus Gold members back in July 2020, however I received notice that the payment was declined and the service cancelled this week from Binge. After reading through this forum, and also having really poor responses from BOTH Streamotion (who blame Telstra) & Telstra who states its a "global issue" (whatever that means????), I'm just having no luck in getting this sorted, particularly that the email I received back in July last year from Binge also states that at the end of the offer which expires in July 2021 (which no longer works) will revert to a $14 subscription plan to be renewed monthly via Pay With Telstra.

A few of things here.....

(1) I'm half way through my free offer and the pin has been pulled and no-one can sort it out.

(2) Am I suddenly going to be billed $14 a month for non existent Binge in July when the offer expires?, and finally

(3) if these clowns cant get it right now, WHY would I trust my subscription payment to managed by Pay with Telstra (ie: paid) properly if I'm paying with my own $$$ when clearly there is an issue between both companies which doesn't reflect well on either.

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Re: Your Binge payment has been declined - concerns

i’m having this exact same issue.. i got an email on sunday saying my payment couldn’t be processed through telstra even though i had the 12 months free & as of 10 minutes ago my binge subscription is now cancelled.. :/

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Re: Your Binge payment has been declined - concerns

Give up guys ... I fought for 2 weeks. I was 3 months into a 12 month free subscription, they told me it was a glitch, they couldn’t reinstate it for me, they told me I would get a $135 credit with binge so I could sign up, binge never received it, when I chased it up again they took it off my Telstra account. Binge didn’t want a bar of any of it 

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