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2nd Tbox cancelation

When I signed up for a Telstra entertainment bundle that includes foxtel on tbox, I asked the sales rep for a 2nd tbox for my brother's room so he can also watch foxtel on tbox. The sales rep have confirmed with me the the 2nd tbox is a monthly contract. After our internet was finally connected we found out that we need to pay for a new subscription for the foxtel on the second tbox and that it keeps loading throughout in every foxtel channels. Because of this my brother just asked me to return the box but ive been busy so its only just last week that I managed to call Telstra only to be told that the 2nd Tbox is on a 24 months contract and my internet connection may not be suitable for tbox. To try and work with Telstra on this one, I'm goi g to try this chanel of communicting as Im not getting anywere over the phone. I can confirm that I have not signed any contract for the 2nd tbox. The contract that I signed only indicates 1 tbox as part of the bundle. With this, need Telstra to cancel my 2nd tbox subscription to stop the $15 monthly charge and ensure that I dont get charged early exit fees.

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Re: 2nd Tbox cancelation

Sorry to not be able to provide an more help then it sounds like you might have gotten over the phone, but Crowd Support is mainly for customer to customer support. As far as getting that one sorted you are going to be best to call 132200 and say "Disconnections" and the disconnection team will be able to give you the best assistance on that one. 

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