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I read the email about the exit of the T-Box. Not happy.

I have the T-Box and have been very happy with it. Twelve months ago I was coerced into getting Foxtel by Telstra on and IQ box. At the time I explained I didn’t want it because I’m in a regional area and I’ve had one before - and the free to air channels aren’t available through it so hence no recording either. I sent the first one back because of it. The Telstra woman insisted I couldn’t use the T-Box anymore, ‘it wasn’t supported’ - remember this was 12 months ago. A week after receiving the (2nd) IQ box and self installing it, I received and email questionnaire from Telstra asking why I’d felt the need to change from the T-Box!!! Durrh, because I was told I had too! Now I have an IQ box with no free to air channels, so no recording, I rarely ever watch anything else through it, NO EASY SERIES RECORDING through the T-BOX anymore. Not everyone lives in the city - us country bumpkins are out here too and lack of service is a BIG issue. I’m sure I’m not the only person this is affecting. Not a smart move to isolate so many people from the service.

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